Sunday, May 24, 2015

You Have My Heart Scalded/Me & The Fly - 240515

Sponsored by "Music (random)".


One last tweak to the mix in CE5/AA3. Definitely using this mix...I hope...;-).


Finally got down to designing the cover art. Had a bit of fun locating a suitable font, but eventually got one. I can highly recommend if you're stuck for a font.

I also found a suitable image from Wikipedia. I know, "Creative Commons" and all that, but just because I used it in this instance doesn't mean I endorse it. You can't call me a hypocrite if I acknowledge it myself...;-).

I'm having a good old think about a suitable release date. Sometime within the next few weeks, that for sure.

Roadtrip for the next few days. See you later on in the week...



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