Friday, September 4, 2015

Release date and preparatory work - 040915

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I can now confirm that D(O)UB(T) will be formally released on next Monday, 7 September.

The album will be initially released via my Bandcamp page. The Bandcamp version will have some exclusive bonus tracks and will also offer the purchaser the option of a separate (i.e. not via Bandcamp) download of a full album mix, with all relevant crossfades. The full album mix will be available to stream via Mixcloud also.

After the Bandcamp upload, I will be using CD Baby to distribute the album to a variety of digital retailers, including, principally, iTunes. The CD Baby version will be the basic version of the album. I have to say that, barring one issue which was my own fault, I have always found CD Baby very decent and quick to work with. The album should be available on iTunes within a day or two of uploading to CD Baby.

Once all that has been done, my promo work will start. I'll do the easy stuff first - Facebook and Twitter. Then comes the slog of contacting websites and blogs, via a contact list which I've built-up over the last few years. Truth to tell, those contacts have been next to useless for me in terms of getting attention/reviews/whatever, but I feel I owe it to the album to try and push it is as far as I can within the limits of my resources (i.e. zero resources). To that end, I have put together a press kit of the album, featuring high-resolution MP3s, graphics and pictures and a short one-page press release. This has been uploaded to Megafire and Dropbox.

I had to make a slight change to one of the graphics re. credits.  I also had to encode one or two tracks at 320 kbps (they were only at 192 kbps).

Speaking of graphics, in case you haven't seen the album cover anywhere else on the internet, here it is...

Just in case anyone gets offended by the use of Christian imagery on an album cover (there's no accounting for people's capacity to take offence), the Bandcamp version of the album will feature as a bonus an alternative album cover. I'm getting all Barney Bubbles/Do It Yourself on yo' ass...

The link to the Bandcamp page will go up on Monday, so be patient until then...;-).



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