Friday, June 5, 2015

Me & The Fly/This Is Going To Take, Like, Forever - 050615

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Finished the first half of my Twitter promo campaign. Second half starts tomorrow


Another "window" opened for me this afternoon, so I managed to mix/master the track in CE5/AA3.

The track truly lived up to its name as it was way more difficult to mix than I'd thought. The main difficulty was trying to get the bass to sit nicely in the mix. Took me a few hours but I finally cracked it. A certain amount of judicious editing of the Ric bass parts was required.

The mix is fine. I thought I'd missed an aspect of the track in the mix that I thought was present in the rough demo I'd made a few months back, but when I reviewed the demo, that aspect wasn't there as I'd imagined it. Starting to come a little unglued here...;-).

Only one more mix to go. I won't be able to manage it this weekend and I'm on a road trip pretty much all next week, so it will the week after that again before I'll be able tackle that track, In the meantime, I'll continue with my promo efforts.



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