Thursday, May 22, 2014

Complications From A Fall - 220514

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I was going to track bass/guitar parts today, but I didn't feel especially inspired. So I didn't. Welcome to my world...

...instead, I started a new track - COMPLICATIONS FROM A FALL. I took a piece of found audio, reversed and detuned it in AA3, inserted it into CE5, and messed around with it to the extent that it is (hopefully) unrecognisable.

I'd thought about programming MIDI drum parts or doing some Ebow parts, but I couldn't "see my way into" the rhythm (principally because it was so messed-about-with that it didn't have any particular rhythm to speak of), so instead I programmed a random part by ear in Prologue Forum Romanum, using the Yamaha DX100/Phonic Firefly. I didn't bother to edit/quantize it, but I might yet do that if anything sticks in my craw.

This track is pretty much ready to mix/master, but I'll leave it stew for a while, as is my occasional wont.

I'll definitely track bass/guitar next week. Solemn promise...

<...fingers crossed behind my back...>



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