Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I Choose Indecision/Is Everybody Happy Yet? - 250315

Sponsored by "Christmas".

A combination of "events" and the recurrence of a bloody cold (sat too long drinking pints in a draughty pub in Dublin last Saturday night) lead to yet another postponement of my vocalisation work, so, in view of the looming presence of "shtuff", I had to invoke Plan B...


Finished off the editing/dubbing-up in CE5. This in spite of my PC freezing on a number of occasions, with the relevant CE5 project file being unsaved at the time. Bugger. However, the track is now ready to mix/master, so, "result"...


Started working in editing the various vocal parts. They're tidied up now, so I just need to decide where the cuts/pastes are. I changed some of the MIDI drum VST plugin parts, just because I can.

I also need to change out one of the key synth parts. I don't like the tone I used, so I have to find something similar, but not as extreme.

More work tomorrow.



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