Thursday, August 13, 2015

Photoshoot 2 - 130815

Sponsored by "Talking Heads".

Did another session this morning - out in the backyard this time - again with the Canon camcorder.

Technically, the pictures came out very well and I am pleased with them - but I still don't have my cover...

I have two options - I have found an image on Wikipedia that would do the trick, and thematically would tie in with the covers I've done for the EPs, or I could have no image at all - just text. That option is very striking and compelling, but I think it would be out of step with the design theme, so I will go for the Wikipedia image if I can make it work. Or another one...

Other photos in the shoot can be used for the "inside" (if such a thing exists these days) of the album sleeve (if such etc.) and in the press kit and they will be fine.

Design work for tomorrow then...;-).



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