Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Is Everybody Happy Yet? - 300414

Sponsored by "Hawkwind".

I wasn't expecting to be able to do any work on the album today, but an unexpected bit of fortuitous timing, realword-wise, gave me a few hours to play around with.

I tracked the various VST plugin parts (Voyager Brain Salad/Shifting Sands/reset) in CE5 via the Behringer Xenyx 1202 mixer and the Phonic Firefly. Audio cleanup in AA3.

And I accidentally solved a long-running problem I have had when tracking VST plugins to audio (or at least I think I have...). I would frequently gets clicks and pops breaking through on the audio. I always assumed that this was due to various bits of electrical activity around the gaff (fridges switching on/off etc.) breaking into the signal chain, but it seems to be a feature of my PC's graphics card when scrolling along the track while tracking. No pops/clicks occur when I zoom out sufficiently so that I can see the entire track without scrolling.

"Did you not know that before? Feckin' eejit!!!"

Never said I wasn't...;-).



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