Monday, April 28, 2014

Mare Nostrum - 280414

Sponsored by "Giorgio Moroder".

Edited the Ric bass parts and the Squier Strat parts in CE5.

The bass parts were relatively straightforward, as I was editing between two "identical" parts, so it was a case of going through the parts "line-by-line", finding the best lines and muting those that didn't work so well. In some cases, a line might be composed of two different parts, topped-and-tailed. In other cases, neither line was good enough, so the bass just drops out.

The Strat parts were more difficult, since I was looking at seven completely different parts. Again, it was a case of muting the lines that clearly didn't work, and then trying to put together a reasonably coherent guitar arrangement with what was left over. I may well split the parts in to one melodic group and one rhythmic group, and treat the groups different inna dub stylee.

Fun and games.

More work tomorrow, then two road trips on Wednesday and Thursday. Not looking forward to the latter, but no need to worry yourselves about that...;-).



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