Monday, June 9, 2014

This Is Going To Take, Like, Forever - 090614

Sponsored by "Alvin Lee".

As mentioned the other day, I decided to have a bit of fun today. I took a few rough mixes of the backing track of TROPES..., reversed them and then inserted them into a new project file in CE5.

Then I edited a few short clips from the backing tracks and "repeated" them throughout the track. Each track was treated differently using VST plugin effects.

I toyed with importing the Strat parts that I am unlikely to use for TROPES... Suffice it to say, I'm unlikely to use them here either...;-).

I also got the mad notion to programme in an MIDI softsynth part (HALion One Sample & Hold Pad), purely because when messing around with that tone, the s&h synced with the tempo of the project file (no sync control on the synth, so I presume this would happen regardless of the tempo). For dub purposes, I tracked that part to audio using the Phonic Firefly and the Behringer Xenyx 1202. The net effect of this new part is to shed the polyrhythmic nature of the TROPES...backing track. It's much more "four-to-the-floor" now. No harm.

I have an idea for a nice Wobblesque bass part which I'll have a pop at tomorrow. And I hear massed choirs of moi in there too.



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