Friday, June 6, 2014

Tropes and Memes - 060614

Sponsored by "Album In A Day".

Recorded 6 Squier Strat parts on the Tascam 2488 using the Line 6 Pod 2.0. Audio cleanup in AA3 and inserted into the relevant project file in CE5.

3 of the parts were recorded "backwards", which required me to do a rough backwards mix of the track so far, dump it onto the Tascam, record the Strat parts the right way round and then reverse them in CE5. Some editing will be required, but the great thing about backwards guitar is that you don't really have to be precise with it, so I can't see a huge amount of editing being necessary, other than cutting out the crappy bits.

The other three parts were various arpeggios. Not sure how many of these I will actually use, as I don't want to crowd the arrangement. Might just use the arpeggios in the gaps between the backwards bits. As it were...

I might actually use elements of the rough backwards mix as the basis for a further track. Nothing goes to waste here...;-).



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