Thursday, October 23, 2014

FCA Boots - 231014

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New track today.

Tracked 10 Ric bass parts on the Tascam 2488, using the Line 6 Bass Pod XT. Audio cleanup in AA3 and inserted into the relevant project file in CE5.

This is going to be another one of the those mad tracks I've done in the past with multiple time signatures. Not unlike this, in many ways...:-

And, as it turns out that I've now actually addressed all the potential track titles for the new album, this will probably turn out to have been the last bass tracking session for the album. How fitting, therefore, that I should mark the occasion by tracking while wearing my dressing gown. Again...

I'm hitting a pivotal point in the project about 9 weeks early. Which can't be a bad thing, yes...?

More work tomorrow.



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