Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Me & The Fly - 141014

Sponsored by "Bill Nelson etc."

Very productive session this morning. Tracked 15 Squier Strat parts on the Tascam 2488 using the Line 6 Pod 2.0. Audio cleanup in AA3 and inserted into the relevant project file in CE5.

There are two different sets of parts - the first set has a dirty fuzz tone which lends the track a bizarre swampy lo-fi electronic feel, whereas the second set is more clean and dub-friendly. Either set works in their own right - the trick is how to combine them successfully. At this stage, I can envisage a "single" version of the track with a simpler mix and an "album" version which might just be maaaayn-tull...

Which brings me to an interesting stage in the project. I think I will definitely work on one more track for the album before breaking for Christmas, even though I have some more "spare" titles floating around. If I get to finish off that one track, I'll be happy - if I manage a few more, then bonus. As it stands, I have a shipload of editing to do that'll keep me going for a while. In the New Year, I'll start bringing the tracks "home" in terms of lyrics, vocals, additional tracking and editing, and mixing/mastering. And all that that entails. So that's me out of the snooker halls for the first half of 2015, then.

And in the meantime, we are off to Sweden tomorrow to see Younger Daughter. Should be a blast - but not on the aeroplane, hopefully...



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