Monday, April 27, 2015

Mare Nostrum - 270415

Sponsored by "Music (random)".

Tracked 9 vocal parts and 1 sleighbells part on the Gulag Mobile. Audio cleanup in AA3 and inserted into the relevant project file in CE5.

A lot of editing required. There are between the vocal parts and the pre-existing musical parts. I think I can work around them. but it may require a bit of ingenuity on my part. Should be fun.

One of the issues I have with this track is because I cannot work out the tempo of the track exactly, based as it is on a live drum track, I'll have to do my dub delays by ear. Should be fun (part deux).

This should be my penultimate tracking session for the album. I may have one more to do, but that won't be for weeks yet. In the meantime, I will edit MARE... and then crack on with the mixing/mastering. Should be fun (part drei).

More work tomorrow.



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