Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mare Nostrum/Me & The Fly - 280415

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Big Gulag-shaped window opened up for me today!


Spent the morning editing/dubbing-up the track in CE5. Not fully convinced that it will make the final album - I think that will depend on how satisfied I am with mix. But it should at least feature on an EP - especially after all the time and effort I put into the bastid. Time will tell...


Spent the afternoon mixing and mastering the track in CE5/AA3. Ended up with five different mixes and I had issues with all of them, but I reckon I got them sorted on the fifth mix. Nice, big, beaty track and the title track for the first EP!

Having spent all day in the Gulag, I will be glad to return to the real world for the rest of the week, if only to give me ears a rest!

See yah when I see yah...



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