Monday, July 28, 2014

A Accident/I Am A Shadow Of Your Former Self - 280714

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I was off on holidays/family business in the UK last week. Came back on Saturday night, absolutely wiped. Did very little yesterday apart from mooching around the house. And holidays are supposed to be a time where the body is refreshed and restored to its optimal physical condition? As if...;-).

Before going on holidays, I'd finished sampling all those 78s. I've been left with over 6 and a half hours of audio recorded at 45 rpm. I think I have worked out how to resample it to equate, more-or-less, to 78 rpm - there may be some issues with pitch, but I'll have to get over that in due course. Still, I'll have a shipload of audio to go through to see if there is anything really useful in it.

In order to get cracking on with the project after my break, I had a look at A ACCIDENT, which I'd decided just needed a bit of 78 "business" to finish off. I opened up one of my 78 files in 45 rpm in AA3 and edited a clip which included the stylus connecting with the vinyl. I inserted it into the relevant project file in CE5. I edited a segment of that clip, which is essentially the run-in section without the "contact" and repeated that a number of times. Then I took the first, unedited, clip, reversed it and repeated that clip a number of times also. All the vinyl elements are treated differently using various VST plugins. The track is pretty much ready to mix/master now. It's going to be a track on an EP, so it's not going to be High Art, alright...?;-).

I also had a look at ...SHADOW... for potential 78 treatment. It doesn't need a huge amount of vinyl input. I took another clip from the same 78 files, which included a musical intro, and inserted it in various locations in the relevant CE5 project file. The clip had to be detuned by two semi-tones to fit with the rest of the track. This may well be my "rule-of-thumb" for the future. The clip is not going to work in all circumstances, so it's really a question of finding the best-sounding locations. I may look for other clips to fill out the track. Not sure if this track will actually make the album. Probably will, at this stage. Got to finish it first, of course.

Mad road-trip tonight, then more work tomorrow.



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