Thursday, July 31, 2014

Accents - 310714

Sponsored by "Electronic etc."

Completed editing the various 78 clips in AA3. Because I want to do a mash-up between two different tracks, and yet have a semi-coherent "storyline", I ran up a quick spreadsheet in OpenOffice Calc with the file names and a textual transcript of the files. I used the spreadsheet to determine the order of the files in the final mix. I know, a spreadsheet. It's just my way of doing the William S. Burroughs cut-up method...;-)

The order seems to be pretty OK, so tomorrow I will create a CE5 project file for the track and insert the various files in order. After that, I'll just have to compose a musical "bed" for the track. Seeemples.

More work tomorrow.



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