Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I Am A Shadow Of Your Former Self - 290714

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Completed adding a number of 78 "elements" to the track in CE5. Spent way too much time playing around with the various wav clips, but I think it's pretty sorted now, so I'll leave it for mixing/mastering at some date in the future.

Of course, I only went and did that stupid thing that happens in CE5 where I drag the transport panel off the screen and can't retrieve it. Pain in the bum. One can live with it other than for the fact that the transport panel also contains the L/R location indicators, which I normally use when rendering a master wav file, but it seems that CE5 will include in a mix anything that hasn't specifically been switched off, regardless of location. This seems to include delays which trail way past the end of the relevant wav clip. Will have to take that on trust then.

More work tomorrow, with an idea for a brand new track...



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