Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I Can Explain...Everything/Helicopter Shots Of The City - 200814

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So I had a mad idea this morning and decided to record a musical instrument I'd never used before. Ladeeez and germz, I give you...

It's a Stylophone - imagine that...?

I'd bought this years ago at the height of the Celtic Tiger for the princely sum of €15 at the HMV in the Dundrum Town Centre (I think - don't hold me to that...).

Those of you of my generation, who lived in more innocent times, will remember that the Stylophone was promoted heavily by A Certain Person...

...but also that it featured heavily in David Bowie's SPACE ODDITY...

Anyway, I recorded three different tracks of Stylophone noodling on the Tascam 2488- not terribly well played, and not really sure if I'll use any of it, but it was fun to do.

While attempting to record the Stylophone, I accidentally connected the wrong set of cables to the Tascam, and ended up recording four minutes of electrical noise from the Phonic Firefly. It sounds vaguely like a helicopter, so I decided that I'd use that piece also in a new track I'd been planning, HELICOPTER SHOTS OF THE CITY.

All in all, a productive (if accidentally so) day.



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