Monday, August 18, 2014

Never Had It To Lose It - 180814

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Busy weekend last weekend. Younger Lassie had a joint 21st birthday celebration on Saturday night, in advance of her moving to Sweden for studies for four months (or so) this Friday. So things were hectic around here for the last few days and I'm still very much "in recovery".

That being said, I wasn't in much form for doing anything that involved guitars or basses, so I had a little poke around to see what was on my computer. I stumbled upon a folder containing samples of drum loops which I'd downloaded from the Loop Loft ages ago. I'm not a great fan of loops, as some of you might know, and I've only ever used them very sparingly throughout my output. But since I wasn't in the mood to program up a set of MIDI drum parts today, I imported the loops into a project file in CE5 and had a bit of fun playing around with them. After an hour or so, I came up with a reasonably coherent drum part, which has a touch of the Chemical Brothers about it.

I then programmed an arpeggiated VST plugin part on the Minimogue VA/Emerson's Tarkus, using the Yamaha DX100/Phonic Firefly. After editing in CE5, I tracked it to audio using the Behringer Xenyx 1202 and did audio cleanup in AA3. For the gas of it, I tracked the same part in audio, but this time messed around with the oscillators on the Minimogue. Interesting - some parts work well in unison, while I can cut between other parts.

I also programmed a strings part using HALion One/JP Analog Stringpad. After editing, I tracked to audio and did audio cleanup. Without being aware of doing so, the JP part is somewhat similar to the Minimogue parts, but a little out of sequence, so there's an unintended "round" effect between the three parts.

I can hear certain bass parts, which I may have to track without one or other of the synths, because there's an awful of "music" in there. Must leave room for the Strat too.

Could be interesting...

Hopefully more work tomorrow.



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