Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I Can Explain...Everything/I Choose Indecision - 190814

Sponsored by "The Grateful Dead".


Repeated yesterday's experience with the Loop Loft loops - different set today - DanceGate - and made up a fairly random beatbox drum part in CE5. Then programmed a number of VST plugin parts using the Yamaha DX100/Phonic Firefly/Sophia_1_1 2y2les/ Gargoyle Intereference (not my spelling...). I was checking out another plugin, when I decided it was good enough to use in a separate track, so that lead to...


Programmed a trance-y part using Predator Dance. I was attempting to programme drum parts using HALion One T8AnalogKit, but I kinda ran out of steam, so I decided to leave at that for the day.

More work tomorrow (hopefully)...



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