Saturday, January 31, 2015

Me & The Fly - 310115

Sponsored by "New Age".

Some lyrics...


Me and the fly

Together we try

Symbiosis in community

No one knows why

But me and the fly

Flout convention with impunity

We're living on the fringe

Where we cannot be found

But we are never sad

When there's a buzz around

Me and the fly

Exist on the sly

Under the radar in the cloak of night

No one knows why

But me and the fly

Live in the shadows to avoid the light

Mutual benefit

We live in harmony

He's thriving on my filth

I dig his company

Don't try to bug me

Don't try to phone

I'm happy with a

Bug of my own

Me and the fly

A satisfied sigh

Always laughing and we never cry

No one knows why

But me and the fly

Are happy together as the years go by

And to the outside world

It's all a mystery

They've never seen the likes 

In all of history

Me and the fly

With no fish to fry

No agenda and no axe to grind

And all the folk like you

Will never comprehend

We live in peace with no

Intention to offend

Don't send your SWAT team

To set us free

We're happy here for


(c) 2015 Daniel Prendiville

No, I have no idea either...




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