Thursday, June 4, 2015

Me & The Fly/My Troubles Are As Nothing Compared To Yours/Stiltwalker In The Wind - 040615

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I was starting to do some more promo work on Twitter, when a whopping great big "window" opened up for me, so I dropped the promo for the present. I'll get on to it over the next few days.

On top of that I got contacted with an offer to do a drum & bass remix of ...FLY. Will have to think about that - correspondence has been exchanged and responses are awaited...

In view of the whopping great big "window":-


Mixed/mastered in CE5/AA3. Three mixes in all - third is the best. Had to do a lot of emergency surgery on the Ric bass parts, but everything sounds hella tight now.


Mixed/mastered in CE5/AA3. Two mixes  - second is best. Had to tweak the vocal parts a bit. Pretty easy mix to do, as it happens.

I have to rejoin the "real world" briefly tomorrow, so I don't know exactly what I'll be doing on the project. Promo most likely.

Only two tracks left to mix/master now. Yowza!



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