Thursday, June 18, 2015

Tracklisting/The New Number Two - 180615

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Organised a tracklisting (two actually) for the full album mix in AA3. This involved me using metronome audio set to the tempo of each individual track, and then lining-up consecutive tracks based on the metronome. I think it works pretty well for most of the transitions, but I suspect there will be several tweaks between now and the release date. There's been one already...;-). Running time has been reduced to about 74:40. Bit of an improvement on 90 minutes, wha'...?

The album in its Bandcamp/iTunes etc.versions won't have those transitions. The tracks will be standalone, as it were. The reason for this is that streaming doesn't like crossfading and downloaded crossfaded tracks sound crap. So you will have to download the full album mix via Bandcamp (or stream it off Mixcloud) to get the full effect.

As I was going through the masters, I found an unpleasant hiss on THE NEW NUMBER TWO. Now, I know there are people out there (you know who you are) who got to great lengths to add tape noise to their tracks to create an analogue effect on digital recordings. I am not one of those people...;-). So go it had to.

Road trip over the weekend, so I'll be back in harness on Monday.



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