Monday, June 22, 2015

Tracklisting/Watching The News With The Sound Off - 220615

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Back from the weekend roadtrip, I decided to give the most current version of the tracklisting, Version 3, a critical listen. I felt I needed to change the outro to WATCHING... The original version has a silly gramophone-winding-down effect which I've used on a number of occasions in the past, to the extent that even I thought it was clich├ęd. So I decided to fade the track out a bit earlier - edited it in AA3.

But then I foolishly thought that I could just insert the new version into the tracklisting file and then "drag" all the other tracks and keep the crossfades, Na-ahh, not in AA3. I basically had to create new crossfades, which, Murphy's Law being what it is, do not match those in the original Version 3, so even though I've shortened WATCHING... by a good 10 seconds, the overall tracklisting is longer by 30 seconds. It could only happen to me! I will now have to go back to the original Version 3 and try to work out how to recreate the crossfades. So, today's longer version of the tracklisting is Version 3a, while I have created a Version 3b to work on whenever I get the chance.

No rush. Maybe not tomorrow. Something else lined up...



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