Monday, September 1, 2014

A Accident/I Am A Shadow Of Your Former Self - 010914

Sponsored by "Jimi Hendrix".

Plagued with technical problems today...:-(.

I didn't feel like tracking bass/guitar today, so I had a look to see what needed doing on the project, and found to my delight that I had two tracks ready to mix/master. I decided to give that a go...


Mixed in CE5 and mastered in CE5/AA3. Benjy the Studio Cat doesn't like it. That's fine by me. He's a cat - what does he know?


Was all set to mix/master this, when the anti-virus software on my PC told me that one of the VST plugins used on the track, Motion 2.8, was actually a "trojan horse". This messed up the launching of CE5, but bizarrely the track would open but would only play some of the notes in the Motion 2.8 part. Strange that. I uninstalled/reinstalled CE5 and restored the project file from DVD to see if that would do the trick. No dice.

I wouldn't mind, but Motion 2.8 worked fine only a few days ago...

I was starting to desperate at this stage, until I remembered that I have CE5 on my laptop. I powered that up and found that Motion 2.8 worked fine. I did notice that the laptop was not connected to the internet, so obviously the anti-virus software was not as up-to-date as on the PC. Whatever.

I decided the thing to do would be to track the Motion 2.8 part in audio on the laptop and then transfer it to the PC. This eventually worked after several cock-ups, and I finally got a decent audio track. There was one big click on the track, but I sorted that with AA3.

So now I'm ready to mix/master the track at some stage in the future when I get a free day but don't feel like playin' geetarz...

As well that ends well, eh...?



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