Friday, September 12, 2014

Re-releases/Floaty Floaty/Tupolev Honey - 120914

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Reverbnation (the bastards) are shutting down their online music store at the end of this month. The Reverbnation site used to be my main online store for my releases which were not done through CD Baby. My Bandcamp store is now my main outlet, but I only opened that in recent years, so there's material on the Reverbnation store that isn't on the Bandcamp store. D'ye follow...?

So, in view of the imminent closure, I'm starting a programme of releasing material on Bandcamp that was previously exclusively available from Reverbnation. First up are the three EPs I released to promote my 2010 album HAPPY DAYS IN THE GULAG...



...and STOP-GO GUY

There will be further releases over the next few weeks. Keep your eyes and ears peeled.

While I was rooting around for the wavs for these tracks, I came across files for tracks I'd been working on for HAPPY DAYS... but which, for whatever reason, remained unfinished.

FLOATY FLOATY is an experimental electronic instrumental based on a single VST plugin part. I'd obviously planned to do more with it at the time, but on listening to it now as is, it ties in nicely with the experimental stuff I'm doing for this project, so I mastered it in CE5/AA3. It'll either be an album track or an EP track. I'll know better closer to the day.

Meanwhile, TUPOLEV HONEY was about half-way finished, with a rockabilly drum loop rhythm and a MIDI piano take on Khachaturian's Sabre Dance...

...kinda sorta. I hear a walking bass part and some rockabilly guitar. And some vocals. If I have the time...;-).

So, a busy and productive day. How was yours...?;-).



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